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Creative director of her own brand, in her long career she has achieved a great national and international recognition, being THE SUSTAINABLE LUXURY her seal.

It represents a philosophy and an ethical and responsible lifestyle, the preservation and care for our planet is our constant struggle.

Inspired and committed to rescue and preserve through creativity and contemporary design, our CULTURAL HERITAGE, millenary heritage !!! Like our textiles Nasca, Paracas, Huari, Chancay, Chavín and much more !!!

Achieving that our work is a source of pride, wellbeing and development for all the artisans and craftspeople with whom we work hand in hand, with a lot of love and respect, because through them still TODAY! We can enjoy an extraordinary folk art and living culture.

Meche Correa Peruvian designer has a long career of more than 25 years touring Peru, projecting their art and culture, promoting their development by performing their work hand in hand with artisans from diverse communities throughout Peru. Being recognized by the Peruvian Government as Ambassador of the Peru Brand and having received various national and international recognitions such as the Congress of the Republic of Peru, the Ministry of Culture, the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, UNESCO, IWEC The International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation , the Ibero-American Biennial of Designers of Madrid 2008, 2010, 2013 and the Center of Studies for Sustainable Luxury, IE Business School.

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